The Heart of Poetry

Faith of Our Mothers

Faithful mothers.

Faith of our Mothers, Godly Faith
faith that inspires my life and my song.
enduring faith from heaven above,
abiding faith, so steadfast and strong.

Faith of our mothers, godly faith,
we will be true to thee till death.

Lord of our mothers.

Love of our Mothers, Always True
love taught in word, in life and in creed.
love that surpasses every thought.
unchanging love, inspiring each deed.

Love of our mothers, lasting love.
Unchanging love, from heaven above.

Lord of our Mothers, Lord of our Lives
you who have kept us all in your care,
keep us surrendered to Your call.
to be like You, our earnest prayer.

Lord of our mothers, Lord of all,
Keep us surrendered to Your call.

by Sylvia Bartholomew